The little stories

So unfortunately, Asia is no longer an option.  We’re sure you’ll find amazing wholesalers in the east, but you’ve got to be extra careful!

We decided to explore the internet for new options, as we wanted to see the clothes and talk to the seller before buying anything. Because there was no time to go back to Wales, we also visited some local markets.

This took us to Oliver, the owner of a vintage wholesale in Germany. We talked with him and we had a good feeling about it, so we decided to do a first order. We Skyped for 3 hours and we were impressed by his collection!


Oli has amazing pieces and makes sure the clothes are all washed and undamaged. That's a big difference with some other wholesalers, were you often find damaged and/or dirty clothes (like bloodstains, yugh). It was such a nice  experience to order from your couch and talk about vintage for 3 hours. All items were presented to us nicely, with some cool stories about the clothes. But most of all, Oliver is by far the most passionate wholesaler/vintage lover we’ve met. He once said to us: “I’ll die in cashmere”, that’s pure passion and love for the scene! He taught us to appreciate quality, to look for special details and to love the soul of vintage. His life's motto? “Don’t dare getting all hyped up by brands, the real vintage isn’t necessarily branded”.


But hey, it was Christmas by the time we ordered the clothes. Transport companies were really busy and our order would end up in delay, because people are f*cking up local businesses by ordering everything online, get yo lazy asses of the couch! We were panicking (AGAIN) because we were desperate for some new items to hit the store before Christmas. Now this is how Oli got all our love and respect, how he proved what kind of business man he is. He drove for 7 hours, straight from his wholesale to Genk, dropped off the 5 boxes and headed back home. No worries, we offered him a place to sleep and something to eat, but he resisted. We LOVE you Oliver! You love your job as much as we do (or even more), you made our day, week, and even month. You showed us some humanity in doing business!


We can’t wait to visit his wholesale in Germany to handpick a whole new collection. See you soon Oliver, and see you soon Hasselt!


Some items from Oli

Adidas Gear

Dungaree, Lee

Carlo Colucci

Rare Adidas Jacket

Adidas Fleece Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger