The little stories

Friday, the first of December 2017 arrived. We were nervous and excited at the same time but we were convinced that  people would love our collection. There was only one uncertainty at that time, will people come to our store?

We set everything up, all clothes were freshly washed and hanged in the store. We had some food and drinks for our visitors and we were ready to start selling like a motherf*cker. At 10 o'clock the store opened its doors for the first time, what an exciting moment...


At the end of the weekend we were shocked by the amount of vintage lovers that visited our store. Our collection of 250 pieces was almost sold out after two days. We needed to find a solution, you can't have an (almost) empty store! So what did we do? Ofcourse... PANIC!


Sunday we searched the internet for vintage clothing. Finding good pieces for a reasonable price is harder than you think.. But then we found someone in Asia who had some nice clothes and we managed to negotiate a good price. We were hyped as f* and decided to order around 50 pieces.


A week later our delivery arrived at Julie's house. I (Mattia) rushed to her house as we decided to open the box together. I arrived at Julie's place with a big smile on my face but when we opened the box.. Sh*t :/