The little stories

How to make people happy by being dumb?


We must admit, we aren’t pro’s -yet- and the faux fur story is a perfect example of it. When we went to Wales for the second time, we definitely needed some faux fur coats because people were going crazy for them. Real fur is not our thing, so we selected some faux fur coats. One of the coats was this long, white/grey one, with some cool shades. This was without a doubt a winner, you all would look fabulous in it.


On the first day this piece arrived, it was immediately  sold to a very stylish man! – It’s so nice to sell clothes to people who are just made for it, this gives us a great feeling -.  The coat was a perfect fit, happy costumer = happy us. All fine & awesome, until two weeks later, the buyer came back to tell us this crazy story.. He did some research on the brand of the coat –which of course owners of a vintage store always should do- &  guess what.. The coat was worth €1500! We sold it for about €80 because we didn’t know the brand and we didn’t know it was real fur. Sometimes we’re a bit stupid, but yeah, at least we made this man very happy.


Blame it on the crazy trip, the lack of time or just some laziness! But tbh, no harsh feelings at all, in  fact, we love this story –we also would have loved the money tho-  But that’s just so  awesome about real vintage stores. You can find amazing stuff for low prices and it’s just one happy family. We sold this man an awesome coat -and story- and we’re so proud of that. He’s definitely our lucky customer, and he’s 100% worth it! Thanks man!


The lucky man was @hausofdanilo

Faux? Fur

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