The little stories

Twenty Second Vintage

Welcome to our adventure book!

This is our portfolio aka blog where you can find all our little stories.

We want to share our experiences, emotions, struggles and our beautiful moments.

A short introduction of myself. I, Julie, just went to college for six years. I got myself 2 degrees but in my last two years of college I realized that working for a boss is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Me and Mattia (my boyfriend) always said that we wanted to do something meaningful together so I got the idea of opening a vintage store. He was immediately super excited to help me.

The idea came one month before we actually opened, so it was going to be a race against the clock. But hey, nothing great happens when you sit on the couch watching movies!


We want to welcome you to our adventure book where you can read our little stories that guided us trough our first months.